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Make Newsletter makes it easy to set up, send and measure the effectiveness of your email marketing.
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Better newsletters

Whatever you want to communicate, our software will help you articulate it in a simple, intuitive and appealing way. No expensive training courses needed - simply drag, drop and click your way around to make the changes you want.

Avoid the spam trap with verified senders

Do your marketing emails end up in peoples junk mail? With Make Newsletter you can configure your own domains and improve your reputation to ensure that every email you send is delivered straight into the recipients inbox.

Targeted emails

With segments you can organise your recipients into subgroups based on values, interests, and demographic data. This way you can be sure that the information you send is always of interest to those who receive it.

Newsletter is so much more than just sending emails

Newsletter helps you ensure your emails are delivered, and that they appear just as you designed them - whether they are being viewed on a phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.


Send newsletters from your own domain and avoid the spam trap.


Create automated emails that responds to subscriber activities.


Ensure that the information you send is relevant to those who receive it.


Choose from a range of professional design templates that look great on all devises.

Use newsletters together with SMS

Do you want to use the same channel for everything, or customize it for the purpose, message or audience you are aiming for? By using SMS, you can get instant contact with the target audience and a 95% opening rate. With Advent Calendar, Quiz and Survey, you can follow up with competitions all year round and learn more about what your customers want.

We are there to help you when you need us

Make is a team of Norwegian advisers, developers and designers who want you to succeed. If you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, please feel free to contact us.

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