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Why Make Newsletter?
We used to have another newsmail provider, but experienced falling results in time. Our previous provider did not give us the answers we were looking for, and when Make emerged, it was a simple choice. They gave us good and relevant tips and advice and followed up closely. Today we have reached the results we wanted and expect from our newsletters.

What did you achieve?
We are communicating through multiple platforms. Newsletters are a great tool for us in communication and we are dependant on functionality. More and more people are opening their newsletters from us, and our experience is that Make Newsletter is very easy to use.

Have you any tips for others who are considering to give it a try?
Share your goals with Make, and use them actively as consultants. They have many useful and simple tricks that make it easier to reach your goals.

Would you recommend Make Newsletter to other businesses?
Yes definitely! We have been using Make Newsletter for a couple of months now and we are very pleased. They are always available and very neat to deal with.


Why Quiz and Advent Calendar?
We were already really happy using Make Newsletter. When we needed a dialogue tool for marketing during times we didn’t have a lot to communicate to our target group, Advent Calendar and Quiz from Make was an easy choice.

What did you achieve?
So far we have gotten about 2.000 new emails to our newsletter base, and the feedback is that the activity is very popular and well-liked amongst our recipients.

Do you have any tips for others who want to give it a try?
It is very easy to set up, just don’t forget that it might take some time to find relevant prizes.

Would you recommend Make Advent Calendar and Quiz?
Yes I would definitely recommend others to give it a go and see if it fits their needs.