Make SMS

Response straight to your inbox

Make SMS is for the times when you want your message out to customers quick and easy. And the best of all: 95 % of your messages are opened within five minutes.
Write and send SMS easily
Import your contacts from a xls, csv or txt file
Send texts immediately or schedule it for later

...and even more

Get full reports

You will receive an overview of the survey in detailed reports that gives you a clear picture of the response.

Timing is everything

You can send the message right away or set a date and time for when it should be sent.

Testing, testing

Send a test to yourself or others before sending the message.

How does it look

A simple preview will show you how the message will look on the receivers phone.

Easier using shortcodes

Make it easy for yourself and your customers, use shortcodes and get the replies directly to your inbox.


You can easily personalize by using wildcards in your SMS.

Choose sender name

The name that that will show in the sender field is entirely up to you.

Meet our customers

We are proud to have the trust of more than 5000 small and medium businesses. This is what they have to say about us.

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