Build your brand and increase sales with newsletters

We make it easy to set up, send out and measure the impact of your newsletters.

Better newsletters

You don't have to be a designer or a technician to use Make, even for an advanced level of usage. Our design tool makes it possible to create sophisticated campaigns within minutes.

With verified sender you prevent the newsletter being sent to spam

Have you previously experienced that the newsletter doesn’t get delivered to all of your recipients? That it’s classified as spam? With Make you can set up your own verified senders, send messages from your own domain and improve your email delivery reputation.

The right message to the right recipients

By segmenting your customer base, you can divide your contacts up into subgroups based on their values, interests and demographic profile. This way you can be sure that the information you send is always relevant and of interest to those that receive it.

Newsletters are more than simply sending out emails

The newsletter serves as an administrative tool for your contacts, senders and deliveries. Newsletters ensure that emails are actually delivered and read on all platforms.


Send newsletters using your own domain to optimise quality of delivery.


Maximise quality by analysing the content of what you actually send out.


Always ensure that the information you send out is relevant to those who receive it.


Choose from professional design templates that are customised for mobile devices.

Use newsletters alongside SMS communication

Newsletters are not necessarily the right communication channel for all messages. Polls, alerts and various forms of verification require prompt delivery and in many cases rapid response handling. Make handles two-way(simultaneous SMS communication with up to 100,000 recipients at once.

We help you when you need us

Make is a team of Norwegian advisors, developers and designers who want you to succeed. Test us and discover more about what we can do for you.